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di e con Maurizio Marchetti

Ciro Cavallo show

This is a Visual Show.

Ciro Cavallo Show is a clown show without words.
The character use unusual behaviors that tells about daily life problems.
He was born after a long street research on occasional and fast street encounters among people.

Ciro Cavallo starts his show resting in his sleeping bag. People are curious, trying to understand why an horse is sleeping like an human.
Something strange is happening and the audience start growing.
Little by little the horse is waking up and the show is already started.
He will
surprise the audience after transforming himself with his out of common actions.
Ciro Cavallo starts to spin toothbrushes and to manipulate other objects of common use with a great envolvment of the audience.

Only a small bycicle and a big ring of fire can stop him after the big joy of the new encounters.

This is the way to tell about his inner world in front of strangers.



LUBLIN 2018.jpg

After twenty years of showman

of all the most prestigious cruise liners,

after a series of successes and business without precedent,

after the death of his ship and the consequent job loss;

Ciro Cavallo provides a turn to herexistence rediscovering street life.


With his sleeping bag and the material for the show is always ready to exhibit the various performances that have made him famous.

Among surprises, therapy groups and improbable numbers of new circus,

the show will have a piquant breakthrough, through to a chance meeting,

between the public, his old flame Mario; that will allow

Ciro to brush upworkhorse of old times.

Skip with mini bike in the circle of fire.


Provocative, exuberant and critical of the canons of shows of today....

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