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Artistic Biography

Maurizio Marchetti 45, father of 2 girls
Artistic Features:
Working on the street and not only since 1996 as Entertainer, wader, juggler, clown.

I started as an autodidact and then train as an actor through intensive direct routes by Serena Sinigaglia.

I attended courses tearo-comedian-clown with Bustric, Peter Weyel, Bepi Monai, Paolo Nani, Jean Menigault, Rita Pelusium, Domenico Lannutti, Loco Brusca, Andre Casaca, Jef Jhonson.

Projects and performances:
Since 1996, one of the founders of the Society of Viareggio GranMastro with which I have made and I am an actor of the following performances: "Nuts Miraculous", "E 'born before the man or the egg", "John Jack and the head" and last "Ciro Horse Show"

In 2011 together with other artists and actors we founded the Association Amphitheatre Fabio Church, which with the Project Amphitheatre; It promotes events and exhibitions Entertainment, Music, Theatre and Circus within the same, located in Viareggio.

In 2013 and 2014 I was the artistic director of the Festival "A Hat" respectively in Camaiore and Massarosa.


          "John Jack and the head"

-vincitore Festival "In the streets of the Borgo" in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina 2010

          "Ciro Cavallo Show"

-vincitore of "Bajocco Festival" Albano Laziale 2014

-prize "It is to laugh" Festival Emerging cabaret Modena 2015

-prize "Originality" National Festival of Bronzes Faces 2016

-vincitore selection of "Cabaret Amore mio" artistic director Enzo Iacchetti 2016

-vincitore Festival for comedians "Ridan to Bulaggna" November 2016

National and International Festivals

Ferrara Buskers, Mecantia Certaldo, Veroli Festival, The Land of Toys, A Hat, Blast Borgo, and numerous others.
I also worked in the Festival in Dubai in 2004, Russia in St. Petersburg in 2010, Moscow in 2011, Tula, 2013, 2015 Friedrichafen Germany

Rai art Barcelona 2017

AEMI world clown festival in Shanghai China 2016\17\18

Carnaval sztukmistrzów Lublin  2018

OFCA Olesnica Poland 2018

Berlin Lacth Berlin 2018

Maurizio Marchetti






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